Mastodon LV Community Podcast for Aug 18th —

LV Community Podcast for Aug 18th

The most recent LibriVox Community Podcast is great!

This week’s show is hosted by Sean McGaughey (ductapeguy). The theme of this week’s show is Plumbing or Unsung Heroes: The Librivox Technical Team.

1. An interview? with Senator Ted Stevens
2. A Series of Tubes by Joey Patterson featuring Senator Ted Stevens
3. In the Spotlight: Kara (kayray) interviews Dan (digisage)
4. Chris Goringe (tis)
5. Thanks to all the unsung heroes of the Librivox technical team

Click here to listen (right-click to download)

Here we are recording our interview:


Oh, you might also enjoy our New Releases podcast! I sure do!
New Releases, August 18th 2007

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  1. Sean McGaughey

    Thanks Kara for your (and Dan’s) contribution to the podcast. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Chris Hughes

    Great interview!

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