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Interweave Knits Fall 2007!!!

First: The theme will not change. It’s too much of a pain in the neck to figure out how I customized my current theme. Also Dan loves the way my blog looks now :)

Second: I had a fantastic birthday! I hope, later today, to get all of my loot into a pile and take a photo to post.

Third: I bought the Fall 2007 issue of Interweave Knits a few days ago. ZOMG! (Yes, it deserves my rarely-awarded ZOMG!)

fall 2007

The textures! The colorwork! The interesting and inspirational designs!

I’m in love with the Tilted Duster on the cover, and it just occured to me that my bright red Brown Sheep worsted (which used to be a BPT cardigan) might be suitable if I can get gauge. It sure would be nice to get gauge and not have to redesign the thing. I’d rather not knit a sweater in bits and sew them up — but this one, sensibly, has the bodice knit in bits and then the skirt knit all in one from the waist down. I think I could juuuuust put up with that.

The article on Cables looks interesting. I skimmed it and look forward to reading the whole thing soon. I’m a BIG FAN of cables, as you have probably figured out.

The Hedgerow Coat is luscious and is on my make-it-someday list.

The simple and elegant Placed Cable Aran would be beautiful with a different neck treatment — an easy modification.

The Minimalist Cardigan — another make-it-someday project. Love the texture, love the shape.

Nomad Hat and Scarf: Cute and strange and interesting.

Cinnibar Pullover — yum! Not one I’d probably make, but still, yum!

Luna Dress and Little Red Dress — both need better necks and sleeves (ewww!), but great for inspiration.

Cobblestone Pullover — another yum! Simple but unique and interesting.

Snowflake socks — fun!

Composed mitts — fun!

Toe-up staff socks — lots of inspiration to be had there. Better photos would be nice.

Elfin Hat — darling!

And even the patterns which I don’t find so appealing are far from yuck, unlike the last issue. Hooray for Interweave Knits and their new editor, Eunny Jang!

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  1. Kathy

    I am glad you’re keeping this theme. I’m with Dan… ;-)

  2. Kristin

    Aw man, I tried to buy the newest issue the other day, and the store still had the summer issue. I thought maybe it wasn’t out yet then, so ordered a subscription online. Darn it!

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