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As I was knitting the second Endpaper Mitt, it seemed as if it might be slightly bigger than the first, but not by much. So I finished it anyway and dampened it tonight to block it into shape… and as I was patting it into shape next to mitt number one I discovered that it was a full two inches longer, as well as considerably wider. Same yarn, same needles, same number of stitches and repeats. Guess I was just more relaxed. Great. So, I ripped it out and will commence re-knitting tomorrow. Sigh. Couldn’t knit with wet yarn anyway tonight so I started a pair of mitts for Henry, not that he’ll ever wear them, but he wants them and I have plenty of yarn :) Basic k2p2 cuffs on 48st, and I’ll do some colorwork or cabling on the hands.

We started BSG over again tonight, watched the first half of the pilot. There’s nothing else we really want to watch, anyway, not till House and Survivor and The Office start back up, and it’s fun noticing all the stuff we missed the first time through. We just about died when Doral showed up on Galactica! Anakin, I mean Lee, is such a whiner-baby.

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