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Happy Birthday, Henry!!!

Today is Henry’s 12th birthday, hooray hooray! It has been a very celebratory week. He’s been saving money for months toward a Geddy Lee Signature Fender Jazz Bass, and had 2/3 of the price of a nice used one saved up, so for his Main Birthday Present, last week we pitched in the extra and helped him find a good deal on Ebay. It arrived on Monday and it was a day of great rejoicing. The ebayer is a Rush fan and was happy to have his bass go to another fan. The bass is in beautiful condition, and came with a hard case and flat-wound strings, which Henry loves, and a tuner and picks and a strap… Henry has played it for hours every day this week.

Since today is a school day and he’ll be at his dad’s house tonight, we had birthday fun yesterday. I let him play Wind Waker for hours, and then he had his Stage Design class (they made plans and talked about the color wheel) while I went to the knitting store and bought my first Addi circular… $20 but oh, it’s a nice needle. After we got home we did more stuff together, and then Chloe and Bob came over to help celebrate! I made Birthday Soup and another loaf of bread and we had Trader Joe’s cherry pie for dessert. And we hung around and played on the Wii and did a crossword. They gave Henry two t-shirts, which he loves, and a contribution to his Bass Amp Fund. And we surprised Henry with a couple more little gifts right before bed (he thought the bass-help was his only present from us) and he was almost choked up with happiness :) What a sweet boy he is!

Henry's new bass

See more photos in my Henry’s Geddy Lee Bass photo set.

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  1. hugh

    happy bday henry!

  2. Chloe

    Happy Birthday Henry! We had so much fun with you last night!

  3. Kathy

    Happy Birthday to Henry-the-boy! Congratulations on your new bass, Henry! The world definitely needs more bass players!

  4. chris hughes

    Happy Birthday Henry! Don’t play it when surfing – it will turn into a sea-bass.

  5. Annie

    Happy birthday Henry!!

  6. Ed


    A happy birthday to Henry! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

  7. Ruste

    Contrats on the bass Henry!!! :~)
    My hubby got his first bass (a Fender) as a freshman in high school and he and 3 of his friends formed a rock band and practiced together all their fresh and most of their soph years and then finally got their first gig. They played the rest of their high school years together (1964-66) and then when he went to college, he got with another group there. He remembers those times as some of the fondest years of his life!!! I had a regular 6 string, too, but did not play in his band… I was his ‘amp sitter’ that he married!!!
    So here’s hoping many, many years of enjoyment for you!!!

    Ruste :~)

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