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Fire, Zelda, and Costume Construction

Fires still raging, a quarter of a million people are still evacuated. We are safe here in north-west Oceanside. The air is bad and we are staying indoors, though I did tie a wet bandana over my nose and went out to run a few errands earlier today. Here is how the entire county looks tonight:


and here is our part of town:


In non-fire news: I went back into the Hourglass dungeon today and got the last sea chart! Henry showed me where a few shortcuts were and reminded me what to do in the upper levels, and coached me through the lower levels (though he hasn’t beat it yet). I got through the first section in 3:15 and he was most impressed :)

Also worked on his Halloween costume for hours. He’s being a Leaf-Chonin (?) ninja from Naruto and needs a green vest with all kinds of specific shaping and decorations. I made the pattern and cut everything out yesterday, and got most of the construction done today and it rocks. Henry is very pleased. It’s made of fleece, fully lined, sturdy and warm, so I hope he’ll get some post-Halloween use out of it as well! Photos tomorrow I hope. Also made a new pair of Naruto Shoes yesterday. I hate making Naruto Shoes, but I am really enjoying the vest. It’s quite a puzzle to translate a cartoon image into a real garment.

KPBS deserves an award for their fire coverage. They have covered it, live, for 75 hours. Thanks, KPBS!!!

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  1. Gina

    I’m so glad you guys are okay! This makes me quite happy. Talk to you soon.

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