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Repair guys and Leopard

Fires still burning on the hillsides, but most refugees can return home. We are quite safe. It was very foggy on the coast this morning, so I went out for a few minutes and breathed the clean-smelling, moist air. It probably wasn’t actually clean, but it sure smelled better than it did yesterday.

This morning a guy from SDG&E came, to see if our stove was leaking gas. Good news! It doesn’t! Later, a couple of guys from Sears came to see if we needed a new fridge door. Good news! We don’t! They just had to, um, bend the gasket or something. (I was downstairs recording — Dan dealt with the Sears guys for me.) While the fridge was moved away from the wall, I cleaned behind it. Yech. Also mopped the ash mud off the kitchen floor again. It looked good for a little while, at least.

I recorded three more chapters of Part One of This Country of Ours today (only one left!), and my half of The Goody-Naughty Book. And Dan helped me upgrade to Leopard on my iMac! So far it’s very very nice. Everything is running well and my computer feels much much faster. Leopard! I have LEOPARD!!!

Pretty soon I’ll go pick up Henry from his dad’s house so we can go to The World Invitational Joust in Poway tomorrow, which we assumed would be canceled but is still on, YAY! I’m looking forward to it sooo much. It’s an actual competition, not a Renaissance Faire… they even ask people not to come in costume. Hooray! No pirate-fairy-wenches. It looks as if they are sticklers for historical accuracy. They’ll have other exhibitions and displays going on all day, including a bowyer, which Henry will surely love. Should make up for our not doing much in the way of “social studies” this month, heheh. :)

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