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Busy day

Crazy busy day, full of errands and phone calls. Henry to school -> notice “check engine” light is on -> call mechanic-> mailbox place -> home -> fill in second set of insurance papers -> dr. appt. -> lab -> mailbox place -> home -> call toyota -> deal with email -> pick up henry -> drop off at friend’s house -> bank -> mailbox place -> home -> more phone calls -> work on cataloging two librivox projects while wishing I was playing WoW and knowing I ought to be writing/recording a thing on mysteries for the next podcast, also thirsty, also paying bills at the same time.

Also think I ought to rip out the houndstooth mitts and re-knit a bit firmer. Also need to rip out the DNA socks and re-knit with more stitches.

Also tired and rather PMSsy.

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  1. hugh

    ack ack ack!! bon courage…

  2. Lorena Carrington

    Gah. I’m exhausted reading that. Hope you get a restful weekend.

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