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Monday night

I got stuff done today. Man, did I. Got up and sat on hold with apple tech support for half an hour (before being accidentally hung up on) while getting soup into the crock pot. Also called car dealer (my scion XA has a check engine light showing that just won’t go away), the dentist (to reschedule our cleanings for January), the pediatrician (nothing serious), showered, and ate an english muffin with cream cheese and pumpkin butter (which should really be called pumpkin jam, don’t you think?), and then took Henry to our music class. On the way home we did bank, dentist (the other dentist, who filed a claim with the wrong insurance company), and library. Henry chose a stack of cookbooks. As long as he reads something, I don’t care what it is. Also I approve of him learning to cook, yes indeed! And I got a few Dorothy Sayers mysteries and a couple of other off the shelf near Sayers, can’t remember what they are though. Then home and leftover turkey for lunch, and then some WoW with Henry, and then he read his Japanese cookbook while I taught a student, and then we went to karate, and then home for Beef Soup, yum.

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  1. Lena

    You make me tired. LOL.

    BTW, I am getting a soup recipe that I’m going to share with you when it shows up. We went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom resort this past weekend and ate at the restaurant. It is a big african buffet. They had this soup called Couscous Seafood Stew. It was FABULOUS. It looked like a really rich chicken broth with big couscous and different kinds of seafood. The broth tasted like you were drinking cornbread – maybe that sounds weird – but it was SO fragrant. Anyway, I know you love soup and I thought of you. We asked for the recipe. It should show up one day soon. I’ll share. (:

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