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Dan’s recently changed jobs and has a horrible, horrible commute, and there’s no decent public transportation, so we decided to move south to be nearer. Luckily we found a nice little rental house in a good neighborhood, only a mile from my cousin’s house! It’s all rather sudden, but at least we’ll be all settled before Christmas. And the new house has no stairs, which will be easier for me. Plus it has a cute little grassy backyard and a big covered patio, and we’ll be near Actual Cultural Activities like the zoo and the museums! Oh, and the neighborhood is much more pedestrian-friendly than the one we live in now. It’s relatively flat, has sidewalks, and there are lots of shops and parks only a few blocks away. It’s good for me to take walks but I can’t handle the hills where we are now.

So, although moving is horrible and stressful, I am looking forward to living in our new house!

Now it is time to get rid of some of our junk so we don’t have to pack it.

Anyone have any empty boxes?

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  1. aaron

    I hvae plenty. Just come over and pick them up whenever you want

  2. hugh

    hey kara we have tons of boxes! …

  3. Rowen

    Good luck moving! :)

  4. Lena

    You can get boxes from printers and paper manufacturers. They are sturdy and a great size for moving with good lids!

    Whew. I feel for you. Moving is tough. Glad you’ll be in a new place you like though!

  5. Kathy

    Wow–that’s big news! I won’t be able to picture your habitat quite so well! You’ll love being near your cousin though, I bet. And all those other advantages sound great, too.

    I hope the move goes smoothly for you. *hug*

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