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Packing and two photos

Packed all weekend. Bah. Got rid of lots of stuff but not enough! Dan found $60 cash in a box of floppy disks. Uh, ok… no idea how that got there, but hooray! Also watched A Private Function (Michael Palin, Maggie Smith) which I’d seen part of years ago, and which finally floated to the top of my greencine queue. Very enjoyable movie. And when it was over, the DVD player displayed this interesting error message poem for us:


“System error is detected, system error is detected”

Also finished sewing 30 morsbags, made from many donated pillowcases and one old sheet. Sorry about the horrible photo:


Note the elegant dog water dish under the table. The dog is so old and crippled that we moved her bed into the dining area, right by the door, so she doesn’t have to struggle over the slick floors to get out.

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