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Zoot’s roflcopter

Zoot brought his roflcopter to Honor Hold so a few of the guildies could admire it. That’s Zinny (Henry) on the left, on the big white tiger. I’m in the middle with the blue ponytail. Dita, our guild leader, is riding the ram, and that’s her fellow, Holyberry, on the right. We have the world’s best guild!


Zoot then applied some holly (from the Metzen quest) to his ‘copter and it became a flying reindeer. Awesome!

Henry seemed droopy and faded over the weekend. I thought he was probably coming down with something, and, sure enough, last night he developed a sore throat. I haven’t been feeling quite right for days, so I hope I either had it in some other form, won’t get it, or will get it SOON so I can get it over with before Christmas! Henry’s feeling a lot better today, so I’m sure he’ll be right as rain in a couple days. He’s been playing an rpg with some homeschool friends via yahoo messenger and having a lot of fun.

We’re getting settled in our new place. We got the heater fixed finally (The guy who “fixed” it last week didn’t actually fix it, so we paid to get it done, because the landlord was SO SLOW and we were freezing — it’s been 38 degrees at night) and now we’re waiting for them to come and fix our eight sparking electrical outlets. But other than that, it’s a fantastic little house. Snug, nicely laid out, lots of windows, very comfortable. I love living here! No stairs!

Also, since we had hookups but no machines (the landlord lied about laundry machines being included) we splurged on an inexpensive but brand-new washer and dryer. They were delivered on Sunday and they just WORK. They’re in a little room right off the kitchen. It’s the height of luxury, I tell you!

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  1. Kathy

    Oh good, I was a little concerned when I heard that you were taking your laundry to a laundromat. That would get old in a big fat hurry.

    Glad Henry’s feeling better and I hope you will soon, too.

    I’m so happy you’re liking your house!

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