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Happy New Year!

Two days late, but Happy New year anyway! It’s bedtime but I will just fill you in briefly on a few things:

I’m reading Mark Haddon’s “A Spot Of Bother” which is very very good. He also wrote “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” which you should read. [edit: finished! Briliant book!]

I unpacked six boxes yesterday, mostly books. I feel much better with some of my favorite books on our one and only bookshelf, and Henry’s schoolbooks and our music books on the piano. Oh, and all our nice games and puzzles are on one shelf. Maybe *someone* will play scrabble with me someday. Also I took the tree down yesterday. It was a pleasant job, since I always buy a 4-foot tree (or so) and put it up on a table so it looks nice and tall. Not so many things to put on and take off.

Today Mom came over for a few hours and I helped her with a sewing project. My new corner sewing area looks out through two large windows into the back yard. Also we watched an episode of Connections on youtube. Also we ate steamed potatoes and enjoyed being warm.

I started Lena’s fingerless mitts yesterday, and have one wrist done already. Now I need to decide on a color pattern. I think I might do the thumb slightly differently, and have the increases between thumb and hand, instead of at the outside edge of the thumb.

Yesterday, Henry had a trial lesson and a group class at the Kung Fu school down the street. He loves it! I think we’ll be signing up after his next two trial lessons next week. It’s lovely to see him filled with enthusiasm for martial arts again!

I really love our new house! (It’s not ours literally, it’s a rental, but you know what I mean).

I woke up at 5 this morning so I am really ready for some sleep.

Henry and I watched the first episode of “Pioneers of TV” on PBS last night, and we both enjoyed it very much and are looking forward to next week’s episode. (Wednesdays at 8, for four weeks)

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