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Lucky for me (and you) Chloe blogged about her weekend, which overlapped our weekend quite a bit so it reminded me of some other things to mention! We hung out with them on Friday and watched the second episode of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, which Dan and I adore. I know, I know, it sounds trashy but it’s not, really. Dr. Drew is awesome. He’s an addiction medicine specialist and he really knows how to handle addicts. It’s a fascinating show. Mature audiences only! Those addicts pull some shenanigans, let me tell you… Also we watched Superbad, which was a great movie! We laughed and laughed. Really fun, kind of reminded me of Dazed and Confused, a little bit… it’s a “slice of life” kind of thing, you know? Also for mature audiences only, heheh :)

And then Chloe came over on Saturday evening and I helped her sew elbow patches on her green cardigan, and we watched Wordplay, a fantastic documentary about Will Shortz, the NY Times crossword puzzle, and the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. This one is fine for all ages :) And then Chloe and Henry and I did a couple of crosswords together.

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