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I can’t find my favorite green apron, so I made a new apron today. It’s too dark to take a photo but I’ll try to get one tomorrow. I made it reversible, and put a big pocket on one side for clothespins. I made the pattern myself and it turned out great! While I was sewing, I listened to a couple of episodes of a really great science podcast, The Missing Link, which I discovered at

The Missing Link: A Podcast on the History of Science, Medicine & Technology

Henry’s not feeling so good tonight. He woke up with a little cold and now his throat is hurting just a bit, poor boy. We let him play more World of Warcraft that usual today to cheer him up. Right now we’re watching The Muppet Show — first George Burns, then Mark Hamill (ewwww), then Debbie Harry, and now Marty Feldman. Marty Feldman is hilarious! The Muppet Show is a great way to make sure your kid knows some popular culture from years ago :)

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