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Nice day!

Still on the mend, and this is the second day in a row that I didn’t get a headache! Dropped Henry off at school in the morning, then headed home to mail a few things. It’s an hour and a half round trip to his school, but he loves it there so much and it’s only twice a week, so I don’t mind one little bit. Plus, on Tuesdays he’s only there for a couple of hours so I just wait for him and run errands up there, and on Thursdays his dad picks him up. So it’s not like its an hour and a half twice a day, every day or anything.

I just made a new pandora station, based on William Byrd, Thomas Tallis, and Thomas Morley. Isn’t it awesome that Pandora has a lot of their music??? YAY PANDORA! You can find links to my stations in my sidebar. And the neat thing is, if you’re listening to one of my stations and hear a song you don’t like, you can thumbs-down it, and pandora will clone my station to your account, and you can keep customizing it.

It was sunny and warmer today, so I opened up the windows and hung a big load of laundry outside. And it almost all got dry. I just had to toss a few things in the dryer for 5 minutes.

Also got my first issue of Interweave Knits, a gift subscription from hugh and christine! I like to take my time with IK, first skimming lightly through a few times, then later reading in more detail. My two favorites so far are the Auburn Camp Shirt and the Drawstring Chemise, which would make a darling little summer nightie if knit to tunic length! It could be knit in the round, too. The Good Stripe Dress is darling, too. It’s only designed in little girl sizes, but the largest size would nearly fit me so it’ll be easy to enlarge just a bit. Now I just have to figure out which knitpicks yarns will substitute for the given yarns :)

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    I’d never heard of Pandora! Thanks for th at.

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