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Today is Sunday. On Friday I went to the dentist to get one cavity filled and two wisdom teeth extracted. I was able to keep all four wisdom teeth this long because they came in straight and never caused any problems, but they are really hard to keep clean and now the two left-side ones have decay, so they have to come out. Dan came with me to get his cleaning / exam / x-rays.

They gave me nitrous, which really didn’t seem to do very much. Nitrous was my choice, rather than full sedation. I really really hate being sedated, but I guess things would have gone better if I had been. She had said that I could switch to full sedation if I needed to, but then didn’t offer that during the procedure, I’m not sure why. She filled my cavity first, which was not a problem. But my lower left wisdom tooth WAS a problem. The roots were really really deep and also curved together, and it did not want to come out, so they had to cut it apart, or something. It was awful. It only hurt a little, but the banging and pressure and the feeling of my head being knocked around were horrible. I was in the chair for four hours, and they only got the one tooth out, so I have to have the other one out another time.

Dan took me home and the rest of the day was horrible. My face hurt so much. I had a prescription for percoset but the one I took made me really, really sick — super hot and sweaty, nausea, then chills, and a horrible feeling of panic. It didn’t seem to do much for the pain, either. Dan took such good care of me. He made me lots of cups of beef broth (which I drank room-temperature – no hot liquids allowed) and brought me ice cream, and sat with me on the couch all day. Chloe came over and read to me (Pride and Prejudice) and kept me company for a while. I had to keep changing the gauze dressing, but it hurt a ton even to open my mouth enough to grab the old one and push the new one in. In bed at night, I listened to Annie’s recording of Pride and Prejudice for a while, picking up where Chloe left off.

Yesterday, Saturday was a little bit better. I took some ibuprofin which helped the pain somewhat, though it still hurt all day, and I couldn’t open my mouth, and the left corner of my lips is all thrashed and sore. Dan cut tiny little squares of my homemade sour cream cake that I could poke into my mouth and suck on, and brought me broth and ice cream and yogurt. Henry stopped by to get his guitar and gave me leftover ramen soup from his favorite Japanese restaurant, where he’d just had lunch. I drank the broth (room-temperature) and managed to slurp down the noodles without chewing them much, heh. Dan and I played World of Warcraft and watched The Office all day. My Mage ran out of rest bonus, and I didn’t feel like playing the Druid (level 62 quests are too stressful), so I started up my old dwarf Priest, whom I hadn’t played in years. I re-spec’d her to Shadow and trained her in Mining/Engineering, and did Westfall quests.

Today everything still hurts, I still can’t open my mouth, the corner of my mouth is still sore and banged-up, my face is still swollen, and the entire left side of my mouth hurts every time I swallow. But it’s a lovely sunny warm day and I’ve got all the windows open, and I’ll just lie on the sofa and watch more Office and knit and play more WoW, I suppose. I’ll see if ibuprofin will help a little.

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  1. Kathy

    Oh gosh! I am so glad Dan is such a good care-giver. That sounds truly miserable.

  2. Kristin

    Ugh that sounds terrible. I hope mine keep coming in with no problems, because I really don’t want to have to get them out.

  3. hugh


  4. Jerry Nicholson

    I had a molar removed Thursday. The dentist had to break it up and take it out piece by piece but I didn’t have anything like the ordeal and “collateral damage” you had. Fortunately my wisdom teeth (unfortunately along with my wisdom) have been gone for more than 30 years. Tomorrow it is back to the dentist for a root canal. The fun just never stops!

    Your cousin (2nd) Jerry

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