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feeling better!

I woke up yesterday feeling just awful, but as the day progressed I felt better and better. Saw my dentist and she said the slight bleeding I’ve noticed is normal. They packed some more medicine-soaked gauze wads into the “extraction site” (giant hole in my jaw) and said I was healing nicely. I felt well enough to do some grocery shopping (first time in two weeks) so now we have kefir again, yay! And other things. Trader Joe’s had leeks, all trimmed and clean, so I made leek and potato soup for dinner. I love soup. Leeks, celery, onions, potatoes, chicken broth, a bit of heavy cream, and a dash of sour cream. Yum.

I took my 800mg ibuprofen in the morning and it lasted all day, with just some aching in the afternoon. I was thinking maybe I was healed enough to stop taking painkillers, but it started to hurt a LOT at bedtime, so I took another 800mg. Maybe I can stick to morning and night doses, instead of three times a day.

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