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Rockola and a virus

Let’s see, I need to catch up a bit. On Friday, Rockola did their annual George Harrison birthday show. It went great! Henry played a few percussion parts (hand-claps and tambourine in a few songs, and a very snazzy cowbell in “Handle With Care”) and a small but important guitar part in “I Me Mine”. He practiced hard for a couple of weeks and did very well in the show. I was so proud of him! I forgot my camera, so no photos, darn it.

Saturday I picked him up from his dad’s house because his dad had come down with a very bad case of bronchitis. Henry got it too, poor boy, or some kind of nasty virus. Sunday he was a bit droopy, and yesterday he felt very bad and lay on the couch all day, but today he seems a little better, though still miserable. He’s actually asking for things to drink, instead of reluctantly taking a few sips now and then. But we’re having a nice time watching The Dick van Dyke show.

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