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Henry’s much better

In case anyone was worried, thought I’d let you know that Henry’s still sick but doing much better. His fever was down to 100 this morning (it was 103 on Tuesday night and 101 yesterday), and he had more appetite and more pep than he’s had since Sunday. He sent me out for French bread and garlic-herb Boursin cheese (what a great kid), and we had another quiet on-the-couch day watching Survivor Vanuatu and Best in Show together. And I worked on a pair of mittens Mom hired me to make for her friend. Photos soon. Oh, and Henry felt well enough to stay up till 9 to watch tonight’s episode of Survivor with us, which was a rare treat as he’s usually with his dad on Thursdays!

And, though my jaw aches sometimes, it has not been bad enough for painkillers for two whole days, so I doubt if I’ll need to take any more, hooray!

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  1. Kathy

    I was thinking of Henry, so thank you for the update! I hope he’s feeling even better today!

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