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nice spring day

Henry’s mostly better but still gets worn out easily, so I decided he should stay home from his classes today, just one more time. So he helped me with some chores this morning and then I helped him work through another sample math lesson at What a great math system! Perfect for Henry. I sure hope Bayshore will buy grade six for us, ’cause if they don’t we’ll have to pay for it ourselves somehow :)

Then, after math, Henry played some Guitar Hero and I got the house nice and clean and hung a couple of loads of laundry out in the sun. The air smelled sweet and springy today.

Tonight I knitted my vest some more while we watched the first episode of The West Wing which seems really good! How nice to have a new series to watch together. And then it was Survivor time. And now it is bedtime.

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  1. Kathy

    We used Teaching Textbooks the last year Dan was homeschooled. I thought it was brilliant and he was well-prepared for high school Algebra. Dan wasn’t keen on it, but that’s Dan.

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