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Happy April

Happy April. I’ve not been feeling very well for the past few days… nothing special, just kind of under the weather. My throat is a bit scratchy but not really sore, and I have a bit of a cough. And I’m tired, so tired, even though I’ve been getting plenty of sleep.

Dan and I went walking in Balboa Park on Saturday morning, which was very nice. We walked down into Palm Canyon, past the majestic Moreton Bay Figs that grow there. What a root system!


I’ve been knitting a lot on the Print o’ the Wave stole, and have just about memorized the lace pattern, although this morning I noticed that I had gotten a little bit off (one of the zigs had continued too far before zagging) and had to pull out a few rows. Nothing tragic though.


Also started some more Happy Striped Socks for Henry:


To quote the Hodg-man, “That is all.”

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