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Best Game Ever, courtesy of Improv Everywhere

Have you heard of the group called Improv Everywhere? They do surprising and creative performances in public places. You might have heard about the recent one where their “agents” stood as if frozen for five minutes in Grand Central Station, or the one where they staged an elaborate musical number at a mall food court. Their most recent performance takes the cake, though. They worked with a Little League commissioner to turn a Little League game into a Big League game! “He was the only person involved with the league who knew what was going to happen. The players, coaches, and parents were kept completely in the dark.”

IE brought in dozens of enthusiastic “fans” to fill the stands, provided programs, snack vendors, and animal-costumed mascots. NBC provided a Jumbotron, a famous sportscaster to do the play-by-play over the loudspeaker, and the GOODYEAR BLIMP!

Watch the video, read the story. The kids and parents are obviously having the best day of their whole lives. Reading the story literally brought happy tears to my eyes. How wonderful to put so much creative energy and manpower into a stunt that made EVERYONE happy!

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  1. gilrain

    Yay! There’s a San Diego branch/offshoot thing, here. I just joined their mailing list on the chance I’ll be brave enough to participate.

  2. kc

    aww I love IE and this is a great one! so happy =D

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