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Busy day:

Fixed many breakfasts this morning, then the boys and I got to the Apple store at 9am. Nice Apple guy came out to my car and carried the iMac in for me. The Apple store doesn’t open for business until ten, though they start doing repairs, classes, and private lessons (!) at 9. It was really strange to be in an almost-empty Apple store. Usually it’s wall-to-wall people. A nice Genius took the iMac into the back to open it up, decided it was the power supply, and replaced it then and there! Go Apple! They actually had a power supply for a 3-yr-old iMac in stock. My Applecare was still good so I didn’t have to pay a thing. A nice Apple guy even carried the iMac back out to my car for me. Apple, your customer service rocks. My iMac is good as new now :)

Then home and chores. The boys wanted to ride their bikes to the park, but it was cold, so they rode bikes and I drove so I could sit in the car and knit once we got there. It’s only a few blocks away, and they don’t have to cross any busy streets. Then we went home and I fed them again, then we drove up to San Marcos for Henry’s 12:30-3:30 classes. Fargo and I went to the library for a while, and then sat in the common room at Henry’s school. While we were at the library, Fargo noticed that they had a manga drawing class from 3:30 to 4:30 (free, run by a famous manga artist whose name I can’t remember) so after Henry’s classes were over we raced back there and they had a great time at the drawing class!

Then we got home about 5:15, and they played and I made dinner, then over to Henry’s Kung Fu class at 6:30. Then home again, and I made more dinner and collapsed on the couch, set up some WoW auctions, knitted some more edging onto The Stole (I’m nearly halfway around the perimeter!), and watched an episode of Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation. Michelangelo. Bernini. Ahhhhhhh, so civilized! here’s Bernini’s David for you to admire:


Picked up Henry at 8, fed him again (the boy is an eating machine), and he and Fargo and I watched The Trouble with Tribbles. Fargo is not a big Star Trek fan. Yet. We aim to change that :)

Tomorrow we only have orthodontist in the morning and Henry’s private Kung Fu lesson in the afternoon, so I hope we can do some nothing for a while…

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