Mastodon Twitter Updates for 2008-04-09 —

Twitter Updates for 2008-04-09

  • @gilrain fancy cocktail fixings? #
  • @aspenglow roast beef, yum! I don’t know how to make roast beef. #
  • when I see "# Following 2,660 # Followers 159" I know *someone* is a friend-collector #
  • it’s cold in here #
  • @danparsons I thought it was a dead chicken or a squid or something, couldn’t figure it out #
  • time for a little WoW after a long day #
  • @gilrain they don’t care #
  • @TweetStats your site is so pretty! Very nice design, colors. #
  • @tweetstats i like the quotations, too #
  • Batman TV series: 1966-1968. Star Trek: 1966-1969 #
  • @TweetStats heh don’t worry about it, just let us know when we can try again :) #
  • I just thought "is there an online metronome?" yes: #
  • @lenashore so nice to see you here! you can follow @zinny and @danparsons (lerxst) and @robtillotson (alena etc) #
  • @CoriS podcast thing isn’t going to happen, so sorry, been run off my feet last few days, not one moment of free time :( #
  • @roogles hey there, I’m Animala :) #
  • @roogles trying to explain twitter to lena… not easy :) #
  • @roogles Yeah i chose email #
  • @roogles *WOW* that video is amazing! A keeper. Finally, a way to explain twitter! #
  • getting a lot of spammy followers lately. Obviously I don’t follow them back, and block the most obnoxious. What are they thinking?? #
  • @roogles ha cool, I chose the same in blue. real wallpaper for desktop wallpaper, what a concept #
  • @lenashore those wallpapers don’t tile correctly, but a good graphics person could fix that, nudge nudge wink wink #
  • Have I mentioned lately that there will be a new Office episode tomorrow night? Who else is counting the minutes? #
  • @lenashore when I get tired of Atomic, I’ll take you up on that! #
  • @apelad packing. moving. UGH. my sympathies #
  • oy, i’m tired. #
  • @apelad oh, good. As Dan said, professional movers are worth EVERY PENNY. #
  • I wish it wasn’t too late in the day for some coffee ice cream #

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