Twitter Updates for 2008-04-10

  • @apelad hmm… last time i uploaded a photo, it asked me to "upload photo or video" #
  • @apelad are you pro? #
  • ok, one bite of coffee ice cream won’t keep me up all night, right? #
  • @gilrain don’t let them get your computer! #
  • worn out #
  • @TweetStats oooooo love the tweetcloud! #
  • my tweetcloud, let me show you it: #
  • "32 mentions of ve" wtf is "ve" and why did I say it 32 times? (make that 34 times now) #
  • @gilrain oh, cool! well, we’ll miss, um, never seeing you ;-) #
  • Dancing with the stars — I like Jason the football player and Marley the deaf actress and Priscilla Presley #
  • sears, 1973: #
  • looks like we’re headed for some summery weather this weekend! #
  • @hodgman welcome to twitter. that is all. #
  • poor @hodgman will be drowned in twitterlove! #
  • @pandora_radio I wish the "2 thumbs down bans band" rule was adjustable. I’d like to be more lenient. Or a "Ban this band" button #
  • @gilrain I want your egg poacher! #
  • knitting time #

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