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hot day!

It was hot today — 94 degrees Fahrenheit (34.4 Celsius) at the hottest part of the day. That’s unusually hot even for summer, and it’s only April. Wacky! We kept the windows closed all morning because the house was cooler than outdoors, but when the temperatures equalized and the house started to feel stuffy, we opened up every door and window and ran the fan to move the air around.

I did the usual housework and chores, and then I knitted for the rest of the day — finished the edging around the stole and blocked it, woohoo! Pictures tomorrow. For entertainment I listened to my stations for hours, also in the morning we watched Friday’s Battlestar Galactica (not enough cylon battles in that episode).

Oh, and I started watching David Attenborough’s wonderful natural history documentary series, Life on Earth. Lovely stuff. It was originally aired in 1979, and I think we might have watched it then… it all looks and sounds kind of familiar. Good luck finding it on Region 1 DVD… you might try ;-)

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  1. Kathy

    Whew, that is hot! Meanwhile it was a freezing cold day here, we had to sit out in it and watch baseball with a biting cold wind blowing right at us the whole time. I had on several layers of wool sweaters, jackets, mittens, beret, scarf and was wrapped in two wool blankets! There was talk of snow in the forecast for tonight. Sheesh! Perhaps we could SHARE and come out with some kind of nice compromise between 94 and 45 (which is what it is right now)–that would be 70 according to my math!

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