Mastodon Twitter Updates for 2008-04-14 —

Twitter Updates for 2008-04-14

  • @suttonhoo he looks thoroughly blocked! Creepy is right. #
  • @aspenglow arthur weasley is john adams on hbo! henry spotted him right away #
  • wishing for chocolate #
  • @apelad welcome to, uh, not-florida #
  • hmm, Cousin Charlotte is the hypochondriacal sister Mary from Persuasion, I believe. #
  • Why is the Masterpiece "Room with a View" being told in flashbacks? I think they’re going to kill George in the Great War. Sigh. #
  • Anthony Davies wrote the screenplay, and the costuming is lovely… but… #
  • Ugh, George is all wrong, Mister Emerson is all wrong, Lucy is all wrong. I give up, I’m putting the REAL one on. #
  • Man, I want Lucy’s linen suits though :) #
  • Well… I’ll just wait and see if they got Cecil right… #
  • I smell a little smoke, bet we’ve got a brushfire somewhere in the county #
  • @lenashore hey there :) welcome back to my good graces lol! #
  • this is going to be a fun colorwars game: #
  • packing up The Stole #
  • Interesting, I was just followed by @RafeRafton, a fictional character. I guess that’s no weirder than me following a bridge… #
  • @lenashore don’t stop… believing… ;-) You’ve seen the Star Wars Journey mashup? #
  • @lenashore #
  • @lenashore my favorite part is the Luke Scream #

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