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Wiped Out

Busy day, I’m pretty wiped out.

1. Breakfast, chores, etc.
2. paid bills
3. Left at 10:30 so we could get up to San Marcos in time for our meeting at Henry’s school at 11:30
4. Stopped at the surf store to get a surfboard carrying thing for the top of the car – $30!
5. Got up to school, had our quick meeting (just handing in samples so the government knows Henry learned something
6. Picked up beginner surfboard, lent to us by awesome homeschooling family
7. back to school, dropped Henry off for classes
8. bank
9. got bloodwork done at lab (nice gentle short tattooed Stephen was there, yay! He knows how to draw blood completely painlessly, it’s amazing)
10. mailbox place
11. picked up a couple things at Trader Joe’s
12. Pharmacy
13. back to get Henry after classes
14. drove home down freeway with surfboard making horrid vibrating sounds on top of car, nerve-wracking!
15. dealt with giant pile of junk mail
16. called in change of address to MacWorld, nice cust. service lady gave us two free months
17. Helped Henry install GuildEventManager add-on
18. read backlog of email, watched The Office with Henry
19. Henry to Kung Fu
20. made dinner
21. Picked Henry back up
22. wrote this boring blog entry

and now I think my baked potatoes are done so I will eat them with approx. one stick of butter on each, yum

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