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That’s hot.

Lordy, it’s hot here, 94 degrees Fahrenheit (34.4 Celsius for you people who live in other lands). And it was the same all weekend. We did the “close all windows and doors in the morning to try to keep the house cool” trick, which works pretty well except for a few hours in the afternoons when indoors and outdoors are equally bad. But then in the evening we open everything up again and it’s more bearable.

So, yeah, we didn’t do much all weekend except hide in the house and try to stay cool. Started some Horde characters with our guild, watched a lot of Arrested Development, ate nice cool salads.

At least with weather like this, it is ever so pleasant to take a before-bed walk in the warm, breezy night!

Orthodontist for Henry this morning. They installed metal bands around his top back teeth. Next week he’ll get headgear to attach to those metal bands, to pull in his overbite. Plus braces. Poor boy. And then I took him to the beach for some surfing and boogie-boarding, but really, it was almost too hot to be pleasant, since I have to wear layer after layer of sun-protection clothing. When he was done in the water, we rode the Giant Dipper Rollercoaster for a treat! Whooooo that was fun! My favorite kind of coaster — old, wooden, rattly, and thrilling! I wish it wasn’t $6/ride though. Gosh. We’d ride it every time we went to the beach if it was $2. Oh well.

Ok, well, I’ve put off the housework long enough. Oh, one more thing — I went looking for a free peasant blouse pattern and bumped into a blog full of fun sewing tutorials: Lots of fantastic clothing tutorials there, mostly intended for little kids but easy enough, if you have any sewing experience at all, to modify for grownups! I love the peasant blouse, the wrap-pants, and the corset dress. With some bust darts, that red-plaid flat-fronted corset top would make a dandy summer dress!

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