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We love Dancing with the Stars! Cristian was amazing last night, even dancing with an injured arm. I hope he or Jason is the winner. Tonight we’ll see who went home this week.

I’m still a little bit sick, but nothing drastic. My throat isn’t sore anymore, but just a little bit scratchy, and I’m tired and feel generally crummy.

Henry and I just sent grocery shopping, and now I’ll make him some lunch (he picked out some fresh gorgonzola and mushroom ravioli), and then I guess I will lie around until Kung Fu, because I don’t really feel like doing anything.

We mailed off our entries for the Del Mar Fair a couple days ago. Henry’s entering his dragon collection, and I decided to enter my red cardigan and the lace scarf that I’m knitting with the leftover yarn from Kirsten’s stole, so I have two weeks to finish that up before we have to deliver our stuff to the fairgrounds.

Oh, and my favorite WoW character, Animala the Night Elf Druid, reached level 69 last night, and 350 leatherworking, so now, once I collect the very expensive materials, I can craft a fancy Riding Crop that will make my mount go 10% faster. Nerd. (She also got her Druid flight form at lvl 68, which is absolutely the best thing ever!)

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