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Hot hot hot

Yesterday was a scorcher — 98 degrees outdoors and 92 indoors. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:


I sat in the shade in the backyard, stuck my feet in a bucket of cold water, and read for hours. It was nicer outside than in because of the breeze. Finished The Year 1000 and started 1215: The Year of Magna Carta, both excellent books.

Last Thursday, Chloe and Henry and I went to the fair again in the evening. So much fun :) There was a nice lady in the Gems and Minerals building wholet us sift through a tub of sand for pretty rocks, and she told us all about what we found and let us keep a rock:


And we walked through the cow barn:


And saw the sheep and goats, too, and watched the horseshow. We saw five-gaited saddlebreds! I’ve read about them but never seen them in action. Very cool to see the slow-gait and the rack! Oh, we saw a harness competition too, with only two entrants.

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