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Catching up on some recent photos:

Our backyard container tomato plant. We ate this tomato for lunch one day and it was so good!


And there are more ripening right now!

Progress on the Hopscotch Socks:


Far too big for my skinny feet and the pattern doesn’t lend itself to alterations. I think they will fit Chloe, though. I really like this heel! You turn it with short rows and then work the heel flap as usual but with this lovely cable and seeded ribbing pattern.

Turkey Stampede at the fair. Hilarious. The RC truck had turkey chow in the back so the turkeys chased it like anything.


Two weeks ago Henry was awarded his Yellow Sash:


Which means he can attend the point sparring class now! Here he is in his sparring gear:


Oh, and here I am at the Home and Hobby award ceremony at the fair, having just been presented with my $50 yarn store gift certificate:


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  1. Kathy

    I loved seeing this set of photos. And Kara, you look so darn cute!

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