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Seafarers of Catan – ship rules

The ship movement rules in the Seafarers of Catan expansion are vague, to say the least. After much digging at, I found the answers to some plaguey questions. The entire “Observations on Ships” thread is helpful, and in the middle of it is the answer to a question that came up yesterday: Can you move the one and only ship attached to a settlement? Answer: yes.

Example and Official Answer:

townA shipA

townB shipB

Could I move shipA over to the open shipping route next to townB, like this:

townA (now all by its lonesome, no roads or ships!)

townB shipB shipA

Mayfair Rules Guru: Yes, it is possible that a settlement will be left with no roads or ships connected to it. If you move the only ship adjacent to a settlement to another shipping line (which you may do because that route is “open”), then the settlement would be left barren.

I hope this helps someone out there!

Also bumped into a rule variant that sounds good to me: When you roll a 7 and move the pirate, the robber goes back to the desert. If you move the robber, the pirate goes back to the frame of the board.

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