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Great article about LibriVox

It’s really rare to read a piece like this in which the author understands LibriVox so completely: Of Books & The Audio-Phile: An Alternative Approach.

A short excerpt:

Nothing Like Reading
No doubt, there is no pleasure quite like reading. Quite like seeing those words on the page for the first time. And no effect quite like it when it comes to altering the brain and expanding it in preparation for the next collection of black ink on a white page. But we must also remember that the oral/aural tradition came first—and listening to those very same words has its own special powers. Somehow it seems more social, more like you’re sharing with someone else, even if that someone is only the person narrating the story. Besides, it’s not such a strain on these aging eyes.

Thank you, Michael of!

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    I liked the article!

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