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My Fair Lady

Thursday night we went to the Starlight to see My Fair Lady! It was a wonderful show. I don’t know why I always go to Starlight shows expecting mediocrity, but at least I’m always pleasantly surprised. Dan was busy so we invited my mom to come along and she loved it too. We had excellent seats and no tall people sat in front of us, even! (Our seats would ordinarly have been $45 each but a wonderful homeschool mom got them for us for $15!)

The cast was incredibly strong, the costumes were beautiful, the backdrops were masterpieces of trompe-l’oeil. I couldn’t wrap my brain around the fact that they were actually flat! The actor who played Alfred P. Doolittle was a hearty round-bellied gentleman with little tiny twinkling feet and a big wonderful voice. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Eliza, Mrs. Pierce, Colonel Pickering, Professor Higgins, Mrs. Higgins, Freddy, all the servants and flower sellers and costermongers, I was just blown away by all the talented people. Thank you, Starlight Theatre!

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