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In my family, the card game of choice for get-togethers is what we call Double Solitaire, only it’s usually triple, quadruple, quintuple, or more. We’ve played with up to eight players but it gets pretty crazy at that point. Chloe, Celia, and Bob came over yesterday afternoon and we taught Bob and the kids how to play. It’s regular Klondike (turn three cards at once, no limit on the number of times you can go through the deck), only each player has his own deck and you sit on the floor so the players all face each other in a big triangle, square, pentagon, etc. If you have a lot of players, you need a lot of floorspace!

Aces are played into the area in the middle so all players can see and reach them. Anyone can play to any ace. For instance, Henry can play his two of hearts on my ace of hearts, and then Chloe can put her three on top of that. A good game can get quite competitive and crazy! When everyone is stuck, count up the cards in the middle. The player with the most cards in the middle wins. Or if it makes more sense to count the remaining cards, the player with the fewest is the winner, of course. If everything works and you “go out” (all cards played onto ace piles, nothing left) the player who slaps down his last card first is the winner.

We played for hours, and I hope they’ll come back soon and play some more! I’ll try to get a photo of a game in progress if they do.

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  1. gilrain

    My friends out here play a similar game, but its ingengious rules call for teams of two! It’s amazingly competitive and actually a bit too emotional for everyday use… we only play around Christmas. It’s called Pounce.

  2. gilrain

    “Ingengious” is a new portmanteau word. It’s a mixture of “ingenious” and “gregarious.”



  3. Annie

    That sounds like great fun! My family’s current game of choice is Mexican Train Dominoes but your multi-sol sounds far more chaotic!

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