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No lace, Mrs. Bennet.

Feeling really wretched today. My mouth hurts and I just feel completely exhausted and wrung out, and I must have slept funny because my whole left shoulder/neck hurts. Bah.

I felt well enough to knit yesterday so I made a lot of progress on Hermia:

Worked the lace while watching Mad Men all day, and worked the hem while we watched a couple episodes of Season Two of Life On Mars (John Simm. Yum.). I split the yarn in half for the underside of the hem to reduce bulk, and instead binding off I just sewed down the live stitches. When the lace peplum is blocked I think it will have a nice swing.

Dan went out and brought me two tubs of mashed potatoes from Boston Market for dinner last night ’cause I’d finished my big homemade pot of soup and my carton of creamy tomato/roasted pepper soup from Trader Joe’s. He also took my iMac in to the applestore on Saturday because it developed a vertical blue line on the monitor. And we had three days left on the warranty. *whew* Apple has given me a new power supply and a new logic board for that computer, and now I think they’re giving me a new screen. Always buy Applecare.

I watched the 1985 BBC Pride and Prejudice miniseries on Saturday. It was really great! I liked the whole cast very much except for Mister Darcy, who was just thoroughly unappealing. And Lady Catherine de Burgh wasn’t much to write home about. But everyone else was very well-cast and I even preferred this Mrs. Bennet to the 1995 Mrs. Bennet.

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