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Friday and Saturday

We celebrated Henry’s birthday on Friday (the day before his actual birthday), since he spends the weekends with his dad. Sally took him for a trail ride in Julian in the morning, so while they were gone I made him his favorite peppermint-chocolate cookies. When he got home we gave him his presents, which he liked, and then he and I played his new board game, Ingenious (great game!), and then I went to the dentist for my post-op checkup. My mouth is healing up fine. When I got home we all watched the new episode of The Office together, and then part of the new Survivor before Henry’s dad came to pick him up. A very nice day :)

Yesterday (Saturday) I played around on and did a French lesson and German lesson. Very cool site! I also corrected another 100 English sentences for Alexandre in Brazil and worked on the sleeves of my Hermia sweater:


Chloe came over in the evening and we started watching Mad Men from the very beginning and I stayed up wayyyyyy too late and I’m really tired today, ugh. But it was so much fun!

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