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Kathy’s stole: in progress

Pattern: The Travelling Roses pattern for the main motif and an edging to be decided later. I’d love some edging suggestions! I re-charted the pattern with my favorite symbols (I’ll post that chart later) and am working three repeats across. It’s a 44-row pattern and rather complex in places (those rosettes!) and I haven’t been able to memorize it yet like I did the easy Print o’ the Wave pattern, so it’s slow going and no good for TV knitting or not-feeling-well knitting, which is why I haven’t made quite the progress I’d have liked to. But it’s so pretty! :)

Kathy (my lovely and gracious elder sister who will have a birthday soon!) chose Knitpicks Shadow yarn in the Midnight color. It’s just beautiful — very dark blackish-blue with just the faintest fleeting hint of purple and green when the light hits it right. Very elegant.

After three lengthwise repeats I did a rough blocking to make sure it’d be wide enough:


Looking good, eh Kath? :)

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  1. Kathy

    WOW!!!! Yes it is looking MAHHHVelous!!!! I can’t wait!!!! I love it!

    Thank you! Thank you!

    The pattern is beautiful, I am sorry it is tough! Your work is so inspiring, Kara!

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