The Book of Art for Young People, Chapter 7

The Book of Art for Young People, by Agnes Ethel Conway and Sir Martin Conway
First published in 1909. Read by Kara Shallenberg.

Chapter 7: The Renaissance in Venice


Like Raphael, Giorgione was precocious, but unlike him he painted in a style of his own that from the very beginning owed little to any one else. He saw beauty in his own way, and was not impelled to see it differently by coming into contact with other artists, however great.

While painting in the rest of Italy was becoming mannered and sentimental, lacking in power and originality, Tintoret in Venice was creating masterpieces with a very fury of invention and a corresponding swiftness of hand.

Here are the paintings discussed in this chapter:

The Golden Age
The Golden Age (by Giorgione)

Saint George Destroying the Dragon
Saint George Destroying the Dragon (by Tintoret)

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