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Christmas “up north”

When I was five or so, we moved to a tiny little ramshackle house on the side of a mountain on 75 acres in the middle of NOWHERE in Calaveras County, California. The nearest town (though it was hardly more than a wide spot in the road) was Mountain Ranch, which had a post office, an antique store, and a general store, “Senders”, which had its name spelled out in bent rebar on the front of the building. I discovered a box of slides from what must have been our first Christmas “up north”, probably 1974 or 1975. Still waiting for confirmation on the year.

ken, kirsten, kara, kathy

That’s Ken on the left, then little Kirsten, then me holding what I think was my very first Breyer model horse, then Kathy with such a beautiful smile!

I gave away my 30-some Breyer horses years ago, but I think I still have the appaloosa in a box. I loved him so.

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  1. Kathy

    Oh my goodness!!!! What a treasure that photo is!!!! I was 17 and Ken would have been 14.

    You and your horses!!!! Yes, you loved them with a strong and abiding passion!

    I imagine your mom made those prairie girl nighties or dresses that you and Kirst are wearing, don’t you think?

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