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Chloe and I spent hours and hours scanning Grandpa’s color slides this week. The 1955 box was missing all the most exciting slides (birthdays, Christmases, etc.) but we found most of them in envelopes in these giant random boxes of photos and things that Mom is storing in my garage. So now 1955 is much more complete. We finished 1956 earlier this week, and scanned 1957 last night, as well!

From 1955, here’s my Grandma Jean standing with the family’s new Plymouth 8 Belvedere. What a car!


From 1956, here’s my mom’s 11th birthday party (Mom’s in the front row, dark blue dress). Yes, the shiny walls are metal; the family lived in a Lustron:

sal's birthday 1956

And from 1957, my uncle working on his stroller. He was the cutest baby!

scott under stroller

Also, last night Chloe and I worked hard to puzzle out which names go with which faces in some of the group photos. We’d heard about Dickie-boy, Gloomal, and Dadie, for example, but didn’t know what they looked like! We snipped individual portraits out of the group photos to post on our family tree, and it looks much better now. Sorry, if you’re not part of our family you can’t see our tree, but you can start your own, and it’s free! If you are part of our family and you need an invitation to our tree, let me know.

Neat trick — go to the “preferences” tab at the bottom of the geni family tree. Click “photos only” and admire our good-looking family!

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