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How to listen to KPBS on a mac

I used to listen to KPBS’s radio stream all the time, but it stopped working a while back. I don’t have a radio in my house, and I really missed my KPBS. Their stream didn’t work at all in Windows Media Player, which is what you’re supposed to use, but which of course is a piece of crap. When I tried to use VLC I was able to hear the little commercial they play before you get to hear the radio broadcast, but then it stopped and that was it. I finally reached Skot Norton, a very helpful (and Mac-savvy!!) fellow at the station who provided me with a special link: .

Want to listen to KPBS? Got a Mac? First, install VLC. It’s free, and very useful for watching or listening to all sorts of media. Run it, then choose File -> Open File and paste that special KBPS link into the box. Hit the Ok button, wait a moment while it buffers, and enjoy! I’ve got Morning Edition on right now, and last night I listened to BBC news, and then at 7 there was the Writers’ Almanac (it was Jane Austen’s birthday!) and then they switched to classical music, as usual, and there was lots of Beethoven ’cause it was (probably) his birthday too.

Hooray for KPBS!

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  1. Robert Scode

    I enjoyed ‘White Fang’ today. Thank you for your believable reading.
    This is a nice website. Very family-like. Lots of fun stuff to see and read. Did I miss out where you show your prices on the mits-with-no fingers? Personal blogs are the best to read. In them you see a story more imaginative than the fiction of a novel. You see the past like fact, but the future like hope; and yet, nobodie’s description of their past is completely factual, nor are they completely hopeful about their future. Partially we don’t entirely remember our pasts and partially we don’t want remember entirely remember them. As for the future, I for one find hope in your website; which is so family oriented, and creative and constructive, that you must surely be a person with a positve outlook.
    Thanks again for the believableness of your reading of White Fang…I really enjoyed it…I should have read it a long time ago.
    Robert Scode

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