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A friend of mine in England has a family business making and selling darling little papercraft people and animals. His wife does the artwork! They very kindly sent me a bundle of goodies a while back. Tonight my right hand, which has been very sore from too much Christmas knitting, finally felt well enough that I could use scissors, so I made two of the little animals into Christmas ornaments! They are printed in several layers, which you cut out and then assemble with little sticky foam pads between them to give a 3-D effect. Here’s a Polar Bear:

polar bear

Doesn’t he look wistful under his mistletoe?

And here’s a jolly Christmas-tree bearing Camel:


And here’s how his components looked before he was assembled:

camel pieces

There are several more in the package — a turkey carrying a plum pudding, robins with crackers, and penguins playing in the snow, plus more poses from the camel and the bear. Can’t wait to make more!

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