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Busy day yesterday, my goodness. The Science Museum was free, so we were there a few minutes before they opened at 9:30 and stayed till about 11. Lots of fun, lots of neat science! Then we stopped at Target for binders and paper and whatnot, then came home, ate lunch, and did math and science until it was time to go to the Tuesday homeschooler park day. We went to it a few times when Henry was very little but then we moved too far away. Now we live only ten minutes away! The kids are mostly teenagers and Henry had a great time wandering around the park with them. I had a great time playing Scrabble with the moms, so we’re both looking forward to next Tuesday. Most of the kids go to a charter school called Dehesa, so if Mt. Everest doesn’t work for us we’ll have something else to try.

Current knitting projects:

Girasole blanket for Sal: Wool of the Andes, needles size 9. Terrific pattern!

Helena sweater for Jaylah: Swish DK, needles size 3. I’ve already divided for the sleeves, need to take a new photo!

And Dan wants fingertipless gloves, so I need to pick a pattern from my Selbuvotter book and get those started before summer comes!

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  1. Kristin

    Those mittens in the Selbuvotter book are beautiful, and I’ve been meaning to make some myself.

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