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I’m feeling a lot better — sore throat is gone and my head is just a little bit stuffy. I spent the whole weekend lounging on the couch, listening to podcasts (The Adam Carolla Show, mostly), knitting, watching TV with Dan, and playing a bit of WoW.

Speaking of TV, we discovered a show called Dexter a few weeks ago. I’m trying to remember how I heard of it. I think the actress who plays Rita (Julie Benz?) was on Loveline, and then I must have heard something about the show somewhere else, too. Anyway, something called it to my attention and I did a bit of googling and found that a lot of people like it, so we thought we’d give it a try. We watched the first episode of the first season about three weeks ago, just finished up the third season on Friday night, and are counting the days till the fourth season starts in March! What a show! It had its weak moments (what show doesn’t?) but overall was really excellent, though often extremely stressful and uncomfortable to watch, at first because of the implied violence but later because I grew fond of the characters and had to worry about their safety through every episode. The main character is a serial killer, by the way. I spent a lot of time NOT LOOKING, eyes on the knitting, eyes on the knitting.

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