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Knitting update

It’s been a long time since I showed off my recent knitting projects, so here we go. Brace for photos.

We gave Henry’s original Capitan hat to Sally, since it was a little big for him after he shaved off all his hair. So I made him another. (Just happened to have another skein of WotA Bulky!)
on Ravelry


Here are Dan’s new favorite socks, made of Briggs and Little’s “Tuffy” (80% wool, 20% nylon), which Halcyon sells as “Canadian Sock Yarn”.
on Ravelry


Here’s the little Helena sweater I made for Jaylah.
on Ravelry


Another pair of Tuffy socks for Dan.
on Ravelry


And a pair for me. I am absolutely in love with Tuffy!
on Ravelry


And the beginning of an Andean Chullo hat for mom, from the Knitpicks’ kit.
on Ravelry


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