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pleasant things

Pleasant things I did today:

  • Cooked several meals for my sweet family
  • Watched Airport — a wonderfully entertaining disaster movie, with a surprisingly strong cast and interesting, relatively believable plotlines
  • Worked on a knitting project and the little quilt – have to get the little quilt done in time to deliver it to the fairgrounds in a couple of weeks
  • Watched an incredibly awesome documentary about the making of Dark Side of the Moon with Henry (watched it last night with Dan, too)
  • Helped Henry with a math lesson
  • Took a nice little walk in the morning while Henry skateboarded along with me
  • Planted a few more nasturtium seeds by the front door
  • Sat in the front yard and watched Henry practice his skateboarding moves
  • Watched an episode of Star Trek (Arena)with Henry during dinner

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