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freaky dreams

I’ve been having more than my share of freaky dreams lately.

Monday night, I had a Lileks dream. I dreamt I had gone to visit him in Minnesota so we could watch the new Star Trek movie together. He and his little girl showed me around their house, which was a crazy enormous eccentric mansion. There was a room with green flocked wallpaper which matched the green velvet furniture, and a similar yellow room. The kitchen was immense and overlooked the ocean. During the dream, it occurred to me that it might be difficult to get back home to San Diego, but then I realized that if it were a dream, it wouldn’t matter, and if it were real, I could get back home the same way I got to Minnesota. Heh. Never did get to the Star Trek showing — the dream ended after I looked out at the ocean from the kitchen.

Last night I dreamt that Henry was singing in an opera along with his friend Joseph. When I went to the performance, I was asked if I’d like to sing in the chorus. I was taken aback but said, well, ok, if you need another alto. I sat in my seat for a while, then realized that the last thing I wanted was to be in the performance so I went backstage to try to bow out, but the costume lady was already constructing a costume for me, and the vocal coach was ready to run my parts. But I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open, so I lay down on a slanty bit of floor for a rest. And then the alarm went off.

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  1. Chloe

    A couple of nights ago I had a really long and detailed dream about going to Adam’s house for his event coming up, and staying later and meeting him. He showed me around his house and he had a huge area in the back with a barn and horses, and it was all really exciting and fun!

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