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feeling good, feeling bad, feeling good again

Last week I felt remarkably good most days. I wonder if I’m *finally* on the right dose of synthroid?

The weekend of the 11th I scanned my dad’s old copy of The Swiss Family Robinson for Project Gutenberg (zip file of scanned images here, if you want them). Betsy had helped me submit the info to Gutenberg for copyright clearance, and their experts declared it to be public domain, which means that they can convert my scans to plaintext for their collection and I can record it for LibriVox! They have a translation by a French woman, which I don’t care for at all (too flowery), and a recently-edited version that’s not actually copyright-free. So this one will be the best, heheh :)

I started my recordings on Monday the 13th, and am already more than halfway through the book! You can follow my progress here: Click the link at the top of the first post to be emailed when it’s all done and ready to download. Gosh, I just love this book. It’s possibly my favorite librivox project ever.

So besides all the recording I did last week, I was productive in other ways, too, um, of course I can’t remember what I did but trust me, I did a lot of stuff. Not much knitting, though — it’s been too hot.

Friday I got a migraine and then I didn’t feel very well the whole weekend and Monday, which was disappointing. I didn’t even have the ambition to record anything. But I dusted off Wind Waker and picked up my last savegame (2nd time through) in the middle and that amused me, though I still felt bad not being more productive.

Today I felt a lot better again, and even went shopping! We’ve been wishing for just a few more plates, spoons, and forks so I went up to Macy’s and got some more Fiestaware, which was on sale. We bought our first Fiestaware back in December 2007, use it every day, and there’s not a chip or a scratch on any of it. And it’s bright and cheerful — our dishes are red, yellow, orange, turquoise, and a very light green. I got four more 9″ plates (two green, two yellow), two of the deep cereal bowls (green), four little red saucers (on clearance, and perfect for a single bagel), and two sets of red-handled flatware, which were on also on clearance!

And then I went to the bookstore and picked out a few books for baby Ginny and 1-yr-old Jaylah, came back, packaged everything up with (with the little quilt for Ginny), and went out to ship both packages. Well, that doesn’t sound like much, I guess, but I swear it took half the day.

Then I recorded chapter 11 of the Swiss Family, and chapter 10 of a really interesting book called “Observations of an Orderly”, published in 1917, about life in an English war hospital. Great stuff. Here:

Remind me to tell you about my love affair with the little propane grill another time.

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